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AccountEdge Tips and Tricks Newsletter
July 2020
macOS Catalina Compatibility
We are working on an alternative that we believe can provide the most cost-effective, straightforward option for our Mac users; a version of AccountEdge that runs within a Catalina environment without needing Parallels or hosting your file.
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Missed a Class?
We just completed our first run of AccountEdge University sessions. What is AEU? A series of ‘classes’ tied together by a common theme: Teaching users how to get the most out of AccountEdge, visit us on YouTube to (re)watch any of our 11 educational sessions.
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Coming soon: Shopify Tips
If you use AccountEdge as the backend general ledger to your Shopify store, we’ll soon be supporting tips. If a customer makes a purchase online and you provide for accepting tips, your transactions will sync into AccountEdge with the tip included. After some simple setup where you configure your tip ‘item’, you’ll be good to go.
Bank Reconciliation Out of Balance
When you're reconciling a bank account, an out of balance amount tells you that something isn't quite right. So you need to work out what's gone wrong. Learn about how to correct issues with a current statement period or from a previous reconciliation.
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