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AccountEdge Tips and Tricks Newsletter
January 2019
Ready to Print 2018 Tax Forms?
If you are ready to print W2s/W3s, 1099s, T4s or RL-1s, click through to our Year-End Tasks YouTube Playlist to learn how to create these year-end payroll tax forms.
Check out our list of all Year-end Tasks in our Knowledge base. Find AccountEdge compatible tax forms here, or enroll in Payroll Forms Service and eFile here.
Time to Upgrade your Company File
You can leave your fiscal year open for up to 26 accounting periods in AccountEdge. For many of our customers, they are ready to upgrade their file early in the new year. Watch this helpful video to learn how to upgrade your Company File.
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Help on the Way….
Whether you need one-on-one help, staff training, or consulting in your office or over the web, we have some options. Engaging an AccountEdge Partner might be the best investment you can make to get your accounting ready for 2019.
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Free Copy for your Accountant
For AccountEdge users on the latest version, we offer a Free Accountant Copy of AccountEdge to any professionally licensed accountant. This will make sharing your financial information much easier, and the files are cross platform compatible so even though you may not be on the same operating system as your accountant, you will still be able to share your file with them.
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