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AccountEdge Tips and Tricks Newsletter
October 2018
Let’s Create a Backorder
When you attempt to record a sales invoice with an insufficient on-hand quantity, the Backorder List window appears. It allows you to build or buy the required quantity, or create a customer sales order (backorder) for the unavailable quantity. Learn how to create that backorder transaction.
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Get 3rd-Party Payments?
How do you record a transaction where you, or your vendor, receives a payment, but not from your customer. It’s an interesting scenario, learn how to record these 3rd-party payments.
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My Customer is also my Vendor
If you have a contact who is both a customer and a vendor, you can keep an accurate record of their receivables and payables. You can make a vendor “payment” and receive a customer “payment” using a detail checking account created just for these transactions. Read on.
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