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December 2017

Payroll Tax Notice
As you may know, Washington is working on major tax reform, which is predicted to pass soon. Traditionally, tax overhauls take the IRS a bit of time to implement, so the changes may become effective as late as February. We stand ready to make those changes as soon as the IRS approves them.

In the meantime, we will be releasing a January 1 payroll tax table, which includes changes in 34 states and a Federal SSI wage base change. If you are not on a Payroll Tax Service, but you’re planning on processing payroll, it’s a good time to enroll. Payroll tax tables are available to those on a payroll plan.
Payroll and Fiscal Year End To Do’s
End-of-year procedure are divided into two groups: payroll/calendar and fiscal. The payroll/calendar tasks should be performed on or just after January 1st. The fiscal year-end tasks do not need to happen immediately after the close of the year - you can wait until you are positive you have no further transactions to record in the previous year.
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Easier Updates
In AccountEdge 2018 there is a new window that will help you keep up-to-date. From the Setup menu, select Payroll Updates (or click Payroll Updates from the Payroll Command Center). A new window will open which will tell you, based on your serial number, if you have an available Product Upgrade, if your eligible Payroll Tax tables are loaded and the status of your Payroll Tax Service. We’ll also display your Version of AccountEdge and your tax table Revision Date.
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We say it every year
We mention this every year at this time, and it is worth mentioning again. The best insurance you can have is an offsite backup of all your AccountEdge company files, as well as all your other important computer files and documents.
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