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July 2016

Analyze Receivables
Have a customer who has lots of open invoices? Want to review it with them over the phone and have access to each transaction? The Analyze Receivables window enables you to view detailed information about the customers who owe you money and how long they’ve owed it.
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Recorded Webinars
We’ve completed a series of webinars over the past 8 months that are on our YouTube channel. Topics include an AccountEdge 2016 overview, (US-based) Payroll, Inventory management, Web Pay, Time Billing and more.
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AccountEdge White Boards
We have a meeting room at our office called the “Blue Room”, simply because it’s painted blue. It has a huge TV monitor, lots of tables and chairs, and two entire walls of whiteboards. The whiteboards are completely full of notes and comments from different projects and product meetings, with past, present and future feature lists.
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