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This month we’re going to focus on issues affecting the balances in your banking, receivables, and payables accounts. It’s all about balance.

Got negative AR or AP?
Got negative AR?
If you have a negative accounts receivable account balance, we can help you find it and fix it.
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Send in the Zamboni
Performing a monthly bank reconciliation, either by downloading the statement from your bank or reconciling to your printed/electronic statement, is a must. It’s like the zamboni that cleans the ice between periods of a hockey game - it fixes all the imperfections in the ice (your bank accounts) and cleans it for ongoing usage (making sure the balance is correct). If you are having issues doing a reconciliation, we can help....
AR or AP out of balance?
Receivable or payables can be out of balance if your linked AR/AP account does not equal the balance owed by customers or to your vendors. We’ll explain…
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