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The AccountEdge Shopify Connector

Integrating AccountEdge with Shopify is finally here - and we couldn't be more proud. Not only does it bring us one of the tightest integrations we've ever done, but it brings our customers access to the leading e-commerce platform available today. With Shopify integration and AccountEdge you can send your items to Shopify and bring your Shopify orders back into AccountEdge, all while maintaining inventory, transaction, and accounting integrity. AccountEdge will sync item variations, tax codes, gift cards, discounts, partial and full payments, voided and cancelled transactions and new customers and items. All you need is a Shopify store and the $10/month AccountEdge Connector for Shopify.

Initial Setup

Your initial setup of the AccountEdge Connector for Shopify will involve making some decisions about your items. If you are new to AccountEdge, simply sync and let AccountEdge sync in your Shopify items. If you are new to Shopify, simply sync and let AccountEdge sync your items to your store. Here is a page that will walk you through the initial setup for each scenario. Going forward, simply Process Web Orders and let Shopify and AccountEdge do their magic, sending transactions, along with new items and customers to AccountEdge. All your Shopify orders will come into AccountEdge as paid sales invoices. Stores set to just Authorize will result in AccountEdge syncing a sale with an open accounts receivable (balance due).


When using Shopify, AccountEdge only needs to Process Web Orders to move your Shopify transactions into AccountEdge. But what about new items added to AccountEdge? What about changes made to items in AccountEdge? That's where Sync comes in - you access it from the Web Store Setup>Sync Options page or by clicking Sync Web Store Items from the Sync menu at the bottom of the Command Center.


We've made a couple videos to help walk you through setting up your Connector and syncing transactions. Here is a page that will help if you are new to AccountEdge, new to Shopify or familiar with both and it will walk you through the initial setup for each scenario. We also have a slew of FAQs that we think you'll find useful.

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