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AccountEdge Tips and Tricks Newsletter

NEW - Credit Memos

We added a new feature to record customer Credit Memos in the soon to be released Canadian AccountEdge Pro 2014, and a mid-year update to US AccountEdge Pro 2014. Now, when you view an existing sale transaction you'll notice a new button at the bottom of the window to create a Credit Memo. More information is available on the Creating Credit Memos FAQ.

10-Minute Form Customization

You can easily customize AccountEdge invoices by adding your custom logo, change fonts, move fields around, remove fields, add fields and more. For additional information about form customization, check the Form Customization FAQ.


Markup and Margin are related business terms referring to setting prices for items and services. Although related, you cannot substitute one for another. AccountEdge Pro provides a tool to set selling prices, and reports to display results. The tool is the Set Item Prices function, and the report is, among others, the Price Analysis report.

You can read more about markup and margin and the AccountEdge support for setting prices in the Set Inventory Prices FAQ.

Did You Know? Invoice Layouts

Layouts allow you to change the data entry form of your sale and purchase transactions. There are five different sale layouts, and four different purchase layouts. Included with AccountEdge are templates that can be easily modified to customize the look and feel of printed and emailed bills, orders, quotes, etc. Customization includes the ability to add graphic logo files too.

More details are available on the Sale Layout, and Customize Form FAQs.

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