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AccountEdge Tips and Tricks Newsletter

Start a New Year, Right

For many customers, this is the time of year when you need to send your 'books' to your accountant. The books these days are electronic company data files that your accountant can audit because you can arrange for a Free Accountant Copy of AccountEdge for your accountant. You can also generate year-end reports and send those to your accountant. Read more here...

Quick Updates - AccountEdge Cloud

We've been asked numerous times for a Cloud version of AccountEdge. With a 25+ year investment in the desktop, it is hard to drop all that (and our loyal customers) and develop exclusively for the web. But we do see the advantages of having a web strategy that leverages our strengths and helps our clients. With that in mind, AccountEdge Cloud was born.

AccountEdge Cloud is a web companion to AccountEdge on the desktop. It syncs many of the lists already in your company file and makes them available on the web so you can enter time billing and sales transactions. We've taken our existing Time Tracker service and rebranded it and rolled it into a much more ambitious project, and added sales capability. And thats just the beginning. Over the course of the coming months and years, we expect to add a lot more functionality, not only to the existing modules, but with new modules, new integrations, and more.

Our focus initially was not only moving Time Tracker to a new home, but also to bring Sales online as well. This will be a great help to clients with employees in far away places, or down the hall, but also to customers who need mobile transaction entry. Also, it brings with it the safety and security of letting your employees and sub contractors enter transactions without them 'in' you company file.

The Time Billing module allows an Admin or user to enter Activity Slips or Time Sheets. The Admin can enter them for any user, and users can only add their own transactions.

We believe, with a dual web/desktop strategy that we can extend our service to where our clients want to be, but do it in an environment where they own their data, control their access and are not beholden to us to use it on the desktop as they have since 1989.

Did You Know?

The AccountEdge Company Data Auditor provides essential information about your company data file that includes file name, location, AccountEdge version, current Fiscal Year, and last backup, last verified, and Payroll Tax Table revision dates. Read more about this essential tool in the Company Data Auditor FAQ.

How to - Reconciliation

The Payables and Receivables Reconciliation reports show total amounts you owe and are due you, respectively. These reports also show out of balance amounts by comparing the transaction totals with the values of the accounts in the account list. The Inventory Value Reconciliation report compares the value of the Inventory Asset account(s) with the Current Value of all the items associated with the Inventory Asset account(s). Reviewing these reports to monitor your assets and liabilities is an essential task that AccountEdge lets you master. Read the Reconciliation Reports FAQ for more details.

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Hopefully the information we provide in our AccountEdge Tips and Tricks Newsletter is helpful and useful to you. Each month we present articles that are timely, interesting and informative, to help you use AccountEdge more effectively. Be sure to check the FAQ links included in the newsletter to view more in-depth information about the topics covered. This newsletter will not be used as a sales tool. We invite you to send us your thoughts.

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