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Our 'Totally New' Newsletter
We've taken feedback from our loyal readers and incorporated it into a whole new look. The original goal of our newsletter still remains: To educate, not sell.
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What is AccountEdge Cloud?
AccountEdge Cloud is a Software as a Service web application built to work along side AccountEdge Pro. AccountEdge Cloud is not a cloud version of your desktop database, but rather extends some of the functionality of AccountEdge to your employees and subcontractors without the need for AccountEdge to be installed on their computer.
Users access AccountEdge Cloud through a browser from their Mac, PC or tablet from any location. Data is synced back and forth between AccountEdge Pro and AccountEdge Cloud enabling transactions to be synced back to AccountEdge.
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Managing Inventory Locations
Learn how to setup and use inventory Locations in AccountEdge. Depending on your version, the Locations tab may have some additional options.
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Ed. Note: We're saddened by the loss of a coworker, friend, and the editor of this newsletter. We know you are playing bagpipes in heaven...

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