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AccountEdge Tips and Tricks Newsletter

Spotlight - Batch Delete of Lists

Using the AccountEdge Batch Delete feature, you can remove several Item or Card File cards, simultaneously. Looking at the Items List window, click once on an entry to highlight it. Then, while pressing the Command (Mac) or Control (Windows) key, click once on other disused entries. With the entries highlighted, select Edit > Delete from the top of the screen. The process is the same for Card File cards. If there are no other references to the entries, they will be deleted. If, on the other hand, you have old references to Items or Card File cards, you can purge the entries from your AccountEdge company file after creating a backup.

To purge data from a company file, make a backup of your company file. Then, starting at the Command Center window and working from right to left, click on the icon for each subsystem. In each subsystem, select File > Purge at the top of the screen. Each time, indicate the same purge date. More information is available in the Purge Information FAQ.

How to - Custom Lists & Fields

You can customize AccountEdge for many types of businesses. One of the ways you can make AccountEdge fit your business better is by using the AccountEdge user definable, Custom Lists and Fields for Items and Cards. The advantage is: you can use these fields and lists as filters for reports. So you can filter for customers in the Northeast region, as an example.

You can enter up to 30 characters of information in a custom field (e.g., birthday or spouse's name). On the other hand, think of Custom Lists as a way to define specific characteristics for items, customers, vendors, employees or personal contacts. You may want to track customers by regions, so you name a Custom Customer List Region and then define a list of regions.

Under the Lists menu in AccountEdge, you'll see Custom Lists & Field Names and Custom Lists. The former is where you can define the names of the lists and fields you want to use; the latter, Custom Lists, is where you create the members of the lists (list entries). You can also create names for Item Price Levels.

More information is available in the Custom Lists and Fields FAQ.

Did You Know?

Do you have trouble remembering which tax reports to run at the end of a month, quarter or year? AccountEdge offers a variety of reports, as well a Pay Liabilities module, to help you manage and track your liabilities.

Rather than looking for the reports you or your accountant will need, you can create Report Batches that will include the necessary reports. The Report Batches can be named Monthly Reports, Quarterly Reports, etc. The Accountant Reports FAQ shows what reports may be applicable. This FAQ includes steps on creating a report batch, and adding the reports to the batch. Some reports, such as the Reconciliation report, can't be added to report batches because you need to specify information to be printed each time you want to print the report. Saved custom reports are also excluded.

Maintenance - Networking Tips

Do you have questions about how to work with AccountEdge for Windows in a multi user environment? Click on the Networking Tips and Tricks FAQ for some inside information. Also check the Multiuser Access on Windows FAQ for information on sharing company files in a Windows environment.

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