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AccountEdge Tips and Tricks Newsletter

Featured Article - Feedback

Any time we send an email to our customers we get some great feedback. What's odd is that often some of the best feedback has nothing to do with the content of the email. Continue reading on the Acclivity blog...

Spotlight - Canadian Release

In July, we were proud to announce the latest release of AccountEdge for Canada, bringing with it some great new features including Direct Deposit and Electronic Vendor Payments, Change Orders, Retainers, Escrow & Trust Accounts and Document Management, just to name a few. We've also added a few things specifically for our friends in Canada, such as a new Record of Employment Report, and Printing of T4s and RL-1s after Starting a New Payroll Year.

Read more about this great new release on our Blog or Canadian customers can get the details on our Canadian website.

We've also released a new version of AccountEdge Mobile that will help our Canadian customers do more with their AccountEdge data while on the road. Read more about the AccountEdge Mobile 2.30 release.

Maintenance - Using Dropbox

AccountEdge uses Dropbox for syncing with AccountEdge Mobile, Rerun and Time Tracker. It also optionally uses Dropbox to store zipped, backup archive files of your company file. These archive files are different than the company file you use everyday. Typically a backup isn't a file that you would need to access on a regular basis. So you are simply "storing" your backup file(s) on Dropbox for easy access. For more information please review the AccountEdge Backup FAQ. For information on linking AccountEdge to AccountEdge Mobile, review AccountEdge Mobile How-to's.

You can also use Drobbox to keep folder(s) synced with other devices and computers. So if you save a file or a backup there, it will then be synced to your home computer or be available to a mobile device. In this case we describe Dropbox as working like a "suitcase."

The AccountEdge Tech Support team does not recommend permanently storing your regular company file on Dropbox using the "suitcase" feature, for a variety of reasons. The first is syncing: when you save your data, it may or may not be synced with the Dropbox file, depending on whether or not you are connected to the network. If you have access to the Dropbox file from a different machine that is connected to the network, changes made from that machine will be synced before your original updates. And, when the first machine is connected to the network, Dropbox will detect the files are out of sync, but neither Dropbox nor the Tech Support team at AccountEdge will be able to offer help to resolve the out of sync status. So a "missing data" situation could occur. If you are working with multiple users, some of whom are offsite, hosting your shared file via Dropbox is not a good idea, for the reasons described above.

How to - Customizing Forms

Did you know AccountEdge lets you add a variety of different fields to your forms? If not, we are here to tell you about it. Whether it's an invoice, check, purchase order, or a pay stub, AccountEdge lets you customize it (and it's easy to do!). When you are in AccountEdge and you click on Setup > Customize Forms you will see a list of all the customizable types of forms in AccountEdge. This is just where the fun begins.

The next window will show you a variety of different types of forms depending on what you choose to customize. For example, if you choose Invoices from the list, AccountEdge will fill the list with pre-printed forms, as well as plain paper forms that come in different colors. If you don't like what AccountEdge offers, you have the ability to customize your own.

When you click on the Customize button to edit your own forms, the menu bar on top gives you the flexibility you need to add fields, images, texts, and shapes. In addition to adding and deleting fields, you can change the size of fields to display partial data, and rearrange the field positions. Read more about Customizing forms in the Customize Forms FAQ.

Did You Know?

Did you know that you can request a free copy of AccountEdge for your accountant? We will send your professional accountant a copy of AccountEdge, for Mac or Windows, free of charge. You will be able to share your files with your accountant easily and efficiently saving you both time and money.

To qualify for this benefit you must be on the most current version of AccountEdge and your accountant must be licensed with one of the following professional designations: CPA, EA, CA, CMA, or CGA.

If you would like to request a free copy for your accountant just submit the Free Accountant Copy request form.

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